Celebrity Predictions

Tom and Katie are getting divorced. Is one contract ending, while another is starting? Not really. The public would be fascinated to learn that our girl Katie, a Sagittarius, truly does love to love and more than likely went into this relationship wide eyed and bushytailed. While our boy Tom, a Cancer, believed that they would be an eternally happy family and she would givehim a child so they could live happily ever after, just like in the movies.

Unfortunately, Venus, the planet of love has gone retrograde and that is when relationships will go through a healing and/or breaking period. During this retrograde period, Venus was in anopposition (a relationship aspect) to Katie’s Sun. Not only has Venus been retrograde, but the Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipses just ended which can create huge changes in Katie’s life right now.  Certainly, filing divorce papers wasn’t something that was just a spur of the moment decision.  I think Katie has been seriously debating this life change for at least a year and the stars (not movie stars, but heavenly stars) helped her make the decision.

Another big aspect that is happening for Tom is that Pluto, the planet of transformation and change in Uranus, the planet of separation and surprise are forming harsh aspects to his Cancer Sun sign. This obviously is showing up for him with this surprise divorce. His life is about to go through a major over-haul and it won’t be pretty because of the hot button subject of Scientology.

What’s interesting is that Sagittarius rules the house of philosophy, spirituality, and religion and it seems that one of the big reasons that Katie has filed for divorce is Tom’s religion. Sagittarius is also known for wanting their freedom and I’m sure Tom’s controlling nature was taking a toll on Katie. A Sagittarius will fight with everything they have to support what they believe in and Katie may have a big battle ahead of her to go against Tom Cruise.

According to our beloved E! Entertainment, news speculation has surfaced that Holmes did not feel comfortable with Cruise’s commitment to Scientology and how it might eventually
affect daughter Suri. “It was something she accepted and put up with for many years because it was important to Tom and, for that reason, important to her,” a source close to Holmes told E! News. “But over the past year, they had started to see things differently, and she was beginning to pull away.”

Katie’s true love for her daughter is what probably expedited this divorce and put the nail in the coffin for living a life unfulfilled in love and a religion she wouldn’t want her daughter to
endure. Tom beware, a Sagittarian mom whose beliefs are being challenged is bigger and badder than a mamma bear on a mission to protect her cub.

The warning for you Katie, as a Cancer father, Tom will fight like hell to make sure he’s a big presence in little Suri’s life and he will not go for sole custody without a major fight. Cancer rules the family and Tom was raised by all women, so there is a big nurturing side that we will see come out. As well, Tom has a massive career and image to protect. Astrologically speaking, it is a very strong desire for Tom to be a father, as well as continue to look good in the public eye. Whoa, it’s going to be better than a Saturday night MMA fight, when these two strong signs collide in the sky.

What does the future hold for our fabulous and famed couple after the divorce? Katie’s chart denotes a lot of changes in aspects of relationship between now and 2015. Don’t worry, she will find love, but this fight with Tom is going to get publicly nasty and will leave a bad taste in her mouth as far as relationships go. In time, her Sagittarian self will find another great love and one that will truly fulfill her desires.

As for Tom’s love life. Well, you’ll just have to tune in to another Celebrity Reading with Patty in a week and we’ll give you a full update of what’s to come for our Cancer.


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