Most recently I consulted with one of my Gemini best friends on her life and why, after three years she is still pinning over the same guy who keeps rejecting her.  After her astrology/psychic reading, I recommended that she sit down every day and write (Gemini) positive things for two minutes.

  • What do you LOVE about yourself?
  • What positive traits do you KNOW about yourself?
  • What positive ACTIONS are you going to take to shift your negative behaviors?

I shared with her that the “loves” can start off to be very simple.   For example, the question “What do I love about myself” could be, I love the beauty mark on the nape of my neck, I love my big toe especially when I paint it pink…  Just silly observations like that can lighten your moment and steer you back to the joy of life and the road to amazing possibilities…  And one such possibility can be a NEW MAN coming into her life 🙂

And so it brings me to this.  I ask you to do the same thing.  Sit down for two minutes,  every day and get focused and clear to bring new and interesting possibilites into your life!

Do you have any questions?  Or comments?  Suggestions?  Revelations?  Leave them below.  Also, stay tuned and we will update you on my “friend” and her progress.


3 comments on “PATTY’S PREDICTIONS

  1. I will pray for your friend, hope she is better every day, I had a question, I am born 12-22-46, am I now a Capricorn or Sagitarian, and could you tell me some of the things you feel for me please. Thank you Barbara

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