Valentines, Love, & 2012

Love & Cupid

In this country we have placed so much energy on Valentine’s Day and our relationships.  It’s come to the point where people break up or completely end their relationships with their partners if they don’t get some kind of gift, flash mob performance, or a marriage proposal “live” on the evening news.  All this effort and energy can be exhausting and looks like the Universe is going to give you an excuse this year to keep it simple.

This Valentine’s Day we will have Mars, the planet of passion, sexual desire, and initiative, retrograde.  Well what does that mean for you…  It means that this Valentines you will have to work a little harder to create the passion in your relationship.  You will have to have a little more patience when things don’t exactly go your way.  And you’re going to have to realize that you may not have the stamina or energy to go that extra mile this year.  But guess what…  It’s all going to be ok!

This Valentine’s day take the time to really connect with your partner without all the fanfare and hoopla.  That fanfare and hoopla takes a lot of energy and this year that energy (Mars) is being dialed down a notch.  This Valentines get take-out, rent a movie, or take a bubble bath together.  Create an evening that is easy and healing instead of trying to create a Broadway performance that shows how much you love your partner.  This is not the year for you to put out so much energy that you really don’t have to give.  Everyone is affected by Mars retrograde but the signs that will feel Mars retrograde most intensely are Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius (remember these signs apply to your rising as well).

One of the big themes of 2012 is about healing and discovering who you really are within your love relationships.  This is because Venus, the planet of love, and Mars will go retrograde as well as Saturn, the planet of karma and lessons, is still in Libra, the sign that represents relationships.  This energy is really asking for you to go inward and assess if you are in alignment with all that is happening within your relationships.  For example, ask yourself a few simple questions, are you harboring any anger or resentment (Mars) toward your partner…   Are you feeling the love (Venus) that was there in the beginning of the relationship…  And lastly, what work (Saturn) are you willing to do to take your relationship to the next level of commitment.

Now I know this doesn’t sound like the most romantic Valentine’s Day or year but if you are willing to do the work to get your relationship back to an authentic place the romance will come and be so much sweeter!

I’m wishing all of you a wonderful, healing, and authentic Valentines!


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