April 2011 Forecast

April is when the Sun transits through the Fire element of Aries and the Earth element of Taurus.  This month is a mixed bag of planetary energy.  At the beginning of this month there are 6 out of our 10 luminaries in Aries!  That means that the energy is highly charged and ready to go but with Mercury being retrograde, going full speed is just not going to work.  This is a time to take that powerful Aries energy and focus it to take care of and clean up old conundrums, issues, and situations that have been on the “back burner.

We will experience a planetary aspect that only happens once a year.  This is when the Sun meets up with Jupiter on April 5th & 6th bringing optimism, good luck, and opportunity in it’s wake.  Do you have big meetings or parties planned for these days…  Maybe you should 🙂

Check out the following important dates to put on your calendar:

April 3rd – New Moon in Aries (assertive, leader, independent)  – A New Moon represents new beginnings, planting seeds, and setting intentions for the coming month. This is also a time when you may need to let something go to make room for the new and improved coming into your life.  For Aries, this is your one new moon of the year so you may want to set time aside to make a plan for the coming year. What do you want to see in 2011? Write it down and then take action during the coming months to make it happen. Signs most affected by this new moon will be Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn.

April 4th–  Neptune moves into Pisces.  Neptune takes approximately 165 years to circle the zodiac, so we have about 15 years to experience this transit through Pisces.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces so this is a very comfortable energy for Neptune to be in.  Neptune and Pisces have rulership over the following:  oceans, maritime matters, music, glamour, photography slavery, fraud, secrets, victimization, dreams, illusion, delusion, ideals, spirituality, unconditional love, gas & oil.  The last transit of Neptune in Pisces was 1847 – 1861 when our country was strongly dealing with the issues of slavery.  What will this new transit bring to our country…  Issues of victimization from our own country’s financial irresponsibility, discussions on new ways to limit usage of gas and oil, raising our awareness of spirituality, long standing government secrets being revealed, raising more awareness of the power of drug companies and the abuse of prescription drugs…  So many things to think about…  Since Neptune is a slow moving planet, we don’t always recognize the themes taking place right away but the themes will reveal themselves in time…

April 5th –  Sun aspecting Jupiter –  A very auspicious day for good happenings.  This aspect happens once every year so go out and make things happen.

April 17th Full Moon in Libra.  A Full Moon represents energy for releasing, letting go, endings and completions and at the last degree of a sign it really emphasizes that fact.  A Full Moon can also mean a culmination of hard work which ends in celebration and maybe even moving into a totally unexpected direction.   Signs most affected by this Full Moon will be Libra, Aries, Cancer Capricorn.

April 22nd –  Venus (love, money & beauty) enters Aries (independent, leader, competitive)

April 23rd – Mercury (communication, thought, transportation& travel) moves direct in Aries (independent, leader, competitive) after being retrograde for the past 3 weeks.  Mercury will be clear of it’s retrograde showdown on May 12th.

Provided below are the horoscopes for each sign, if you know your Rising/Ascendant sign, read that sign, as well as your Sun sign.  To be clear, the Sun Sign forecast below is a generality.  If you want specific information based on your birth chart, I am available for readings to help you have the best possible year ahead.

Aries March 21 – April 19:

Happy Birthday Aries!  Six of the ten celestial bodies will be in Aries at the beginning of this month, so April starts off with a bang!  Your one New Moon of the year in Aries is on April 3rd and is supported by powerful planetary energy.  Make sure you set time aside that day to create, compose, and construct your intentions for the coming year!  You have until June to utilize the positive aspects of Jupiter (expansion, growth, opportunity, goodluck) in Aires!  Don’t waste it because Jupiter only comes to your sign once every twelve years.

ARIES: get a reading now:

Taurus April 20 – May 20:

Your planetary ruler, Venus (love, money, beauty), is in your 11th house (hopes, wishes, friendships, groups) encouraging the energy of last month to make dreams come true!  There’s also a lot of planetary energy in your house of dreams and secrets.   Pay close attention to your dreams this month, there may be valuable information given to unlock a mystery in your life!

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Gemini May 21 – June 21:

Mercury (communication, transportation, thought), your planetary ruler is retrograde until April 23rd.  This can create delays and misunderstandings but it’s a great time to look at life situations that are not working and create new solutions and then implement them when Mercury moves direct.  Also, with so much activity in your 11th house (hopes, wishes, friendships, groups) you may be very busy with friends and group activities this month and you may even hear from a long lost friend from the past.  Enjoy!

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Cancer June 22 – July 22:

Career, reputation, status, honors and awards are the theme for you this month Cancer.  With six planets in Aries (entrepreneurial, pioneering, naive) at the top of your chart, including retrograde Mercury (miscommunication) and Uranus (unexpected events, surprise, rebellion) you will experience mixed signals but don’t let that stop you from gathering all that is being thrown your way and sifting through it all to find the golden nuggets to shine and take along on your life’s journey!

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Leo July 23 – August 22:

You will want to explore and create adventures this month!  Go for it!  Mercury is retrograde so make sure that you check and double check itineraries, transportation, and reservations.  Another area of attention during April could be publishing, teaching or becoming a student once again.  Do you have a book in your head that needs to be written…  Do you have a class in mind that you’ve always been interested in…  Now is the time to investigate to see how to make it all happen!

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Virgo August 23 – September 22:

Your house of other people’s money is full of planetary action.  This tax season can possible go very very well or very very bad…  With Uranus (unexpected events, surprise, rebellion) in this area of the chart anything is possible.  Make sure your “I’s” are dotted and your “T’s” are crossed because Mercury retrograde (mis-communication) is in that area of the chart as well.  This applies to investments, insurance, child support, and inheritance.  Keep your eyes on the bottom line this month.

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Libra September 23 – October 23:

Committed relationships and business partnerships may be high on the “give your attention” list.  Mixed signals will be given by both and you will feel conflicted.  Take every possible opportunity to not react.  Breathe…  Count to 10…  Go to the bathroom… but do not feel forced or intimidated to go along with a plan that does not resonate with you!  A compromise can always work, just take the time to work through the process.

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Scorpio October 24 – November 21:

Scorpio you will be busier than ever this month!  With six of the 10 planets in your house of work, you will have to pace yourself.  Also with Mercury retrograde in that same house, a project from your past may come back with a better spin to it.  Investigate it and if it certainly cuts the mustard run with it but do not move forward with anything until Mercury goes direct April 23rd.

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Sagittarius November 22 – December 21:

Romance, creativity, fun and children will keep you passionately occupied this month!  Are you expecting a baby…  Are you in love…  Are you unveiling a creative project to the public…  This month is ripe with possibility!  Let the negativity and fear out the door so you can create, create, and create some more!!!

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Capricorn December 22 – January 19:

With so much energy in your 4th house of home and family matters you are bound to have some responsibilities to deal with.  Whether it’s a parent or a real estate matter, you should breathe and not commit to anything until after Mercury retrograde is over.  Things are not always as they seem when so much planetary energy is all conjoined in one area of the chart.  Allow time to create movement and perspective so clarity and certainty can be your friend once again!

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Aquarius January 20 – February 18:

You may have a lot of apologizing to do this month!  With so much planetary activity in your house of communication in the sign of Aries (impulsive, rash, abrasive), you may want to be aware that your “mouth brakes” may not be working properly and you could create “situations” that were not your intention.  This area of the chart also deals with local travel, so make sure you are paying attention to the road and other drivers.

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Pisces February 19 – March 20:

There is no better time than now to get your financial house in order.  With so much planetary energy in the area of the chart that deals with how you earn your money, the possibility of making financial changes are big!  Are you looking for a raise…  Are you self-employed and waiting to land your next big deal…  Write, meditate, pray and visualize your ideas and intentions on the New Moon April 3rd to align your energy with the Universe for success and prosperity in the coming year!  Mercury is retrograde, so there may be a false start but after April 23rd put your plans in motion and see what grows…

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