January 2011 Forecast

January is when the Sun transits through the Earth element of Capricorn and the Air element of Aquarius.  January starts off with a bang!  All the planets are moving forward.  This hasn’t happened since December of 2008 and with the New Moon Eclipse (karmic happenings) on January 4 as well as Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise, separation & freedom) and Jupiter (good luck, expansion, abundance) aspecting each other you couldn’t ask for a better start to the year.  Great possibilities are at your finger tips as 2011 begins!  The best analogy I could give for the start of this month would be that you are driving on an open road and there are no red lights or stop signs for miles and miles but of course there are tight curves and other cars on the road to be aware of.  So, yes the road blocks are removed until January 26th and it’s a great time to take action and make progress but you still have to pay attention to who’s on the road with you and where the twists and turns will lead you…  Saturn the planet of responsibility and lessons will be the first to turn retrograde and slow down the party but that’s Saturn’s job…  See what comes up during this time, the week of January 26th, there may be important clues to what needs to be sorted out in regards to intimate relationships and/or business partnerships.

2011 will be a very interesting year!  We will experience six Eclipses (4 Solar Eclipses & 2 Lunar Eclipses) of karmic happenings instead of the usual four. Jupiter (good luck, expansion, abundance, beliefs) and Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise, separation & freedom) are heading out of the last sign of the zodiac (Pisces) this year and beginning a whole new cycle in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  Very powerful shifts are taking place.  What in your life are you ready to break free from…  Are you living your life from a place of truth and authenticity…  If yes, this year can be one of expansion and adventure and if not this year can be a test in your commitment to a life that is a lie…  Uranus is the great awakener and in Aries the fire is bright and brings light to where it is dark.  Get ready world, we are in for another exciting ride!

Check out the following important dates to put on your calendar:

January 4th – New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn (driven, focused, responsible)  – A New Moon Eclipse represents a head start with fertilized seeds being planted (which can mean a quicker outcome/manifestation), new beginnings and setting intentions for the coming months. This is also a time when you may need to let something go to make room for the new and improved coming into your life.  For Capricorn, this is your one new moon of the year so you may want to set time aside to make a plan for the coming year. What do you want to see in 2011? Write it down and then take action during the coming months to make it happen. Signs most affected by this new moon will be Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra.

January 5th – 10th –  Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise, separation & freedom) and Jupiter (good luck, expansion, abundance) create a great explosion of energy!

January 8thVenus (love, money & beauty) enters Aquarius (unique, intelligent, rebellious)

January 14th – Mercury (communication, thought, transportation & travel) moves back into Capricorn (responsible, disciplined, practical)

January 15th – Mars (passion, drive, anger) enters Sagittarius (adventurer, truth seeker, optimistic).

January 19th Full Moon at the last degree of Cancer.  A Full Moon represents energy for releasing, letting go, endings and completions and at the last degree of a sign it really emphasizes that fact.  A Full Moon can also mean a culmination of hard work which ends in celebration and maybe even moving into a totally unexpected direction.   Signs most affected by this Full Moon will be Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra.

January 22nd –  Jupiter (good luck, expansion, abundance)  moves into Aries (warrior, leader, pioneer)

Provided below are the horoscopes for each sign, if you know your Rising/Ascendant sign, read that sign, as well as your Sun sign.  To be clear, the Sun Sign forecast below is a generality.  If you want specific information based on your birth chart, I am available for readings to help you have the best possible year ahead.

Capricorn December 22 – January 19:

2011 starts with all the planets in the sky moving in a forward motion!  The last time this happened was in December 2008.  This will definitely give you an opportunity to jump start your year with action!  Just remember Mercury is still getting his bearings so things may not move as smoothly or as quickly as you would like but there should be progress.  Your one New Moon of the year is a Solar Eclipse (karmic happenings) in Capricorn on January 4th.  Make sure you set time aside that day to create, compose, and construct your intentions for the coming year!

Aquarius January 20 – February 18:

2011 may start with you wanting privacy and solitude.  With many planets in your 12th house of secrets and dreams you may want to enjoy this time of reflection because by mid month Mars will jump into your sign and give you an energy boost back into the bright light of life along with the Sun entering Aquarius on January 20th.  Enjoy the ride…

Pisces February 19 – March 20:

With all the planets moving forward as 2011 begins, you are feeling hopeful and optimistic!  And you have every reason to encourage these feelings with the all the activity taking place in your house of hopes and wishes, as well as, the Solar Eclipse (karmic happenings) on January 4th!  January is the month to lay out your 2011 plans and see them come to fruition throughout the year!

Aries March 21 – April 19:

January will be complex yet exciting!  With all the planets moving forward you will feel that there are no obstacles in your way and the Aries that you are will want to go at mach speed…  Just know that it’s not about getting there the fastest but gathering the lessons and experience along the way so you can enjoy the destination when you get there.

Taurus April 20 – May 20:

January 4th is a Solar Eclipse (karmic happenings) in Capricorn nicely aspecting your Taurus Sun.  You will want to utilize this energy by planting your seeds of intention and sharing your vision with the Universe.  There are no limits to what 2011 can surprise you with!  You may even get a peak of what is possible for you this year at the end of January.

Gemini May 21 – June 21:

January starts off with a bang in your 8th house of joint finances, investments, taxes and intimate matters.  Don’t run, don’t hide…  Take one bite at a time and get through what needs to be done.  There are amazing things waiting for you on the other side of taking care of all the details this month!  There’s no rush, so focus and do the work so you can gather your rewards.

Cancer June 22 – July 22:

This can be a progressive and busy month for you.  There’s a Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign of Capricorn on January 4th, as well as, a Full Moon in Cancer on January 19th.  This month’s theme will most definitely be about relationships and partnerships.  Endings or adjustments may be necessary for new beginnings to take place.  Breathe and don’t hold on too tight this month.

Leo July 23 – August 22:

Your attention this month may be looking at your health and daily habits and how they support or hinder your success in life.  Take a look at this area of your life with clear lenses so you can get rid of obstacles that have slowed you down thus allowing you to move forward more efficiently and effectively!

Virgo August 23 – September 22:

The burdens of 2010 can be left at the door.  With so much activity in your 5th house, 2011 starts with a creative bang!  Embrace spontaneity, creativity, romance and risk!  With all the planets moving forward in January it’s not a time to analyze and discriminate.  You’ve done that already.  Jump in and express yourself and have some fun!

Libra September 23 – October 23:

All the planets are moving forward as we begin 2011 which will provide lots of action and activity.  There may be a career loss or adjustment that you may have to work through around the Full Moon January 19th.  Don’t be discouraged because this will be preparing you for what you really need to be doing in your work.  Your creative juices will be flowing to open up another opportunity that you weren’t even aware.  Breathe…

Scorpio October 24 – November 21:

You start 2011 with the planet of love, beauty and money, Venus, in Scorpio!  Your mind may be on romance this month and with Venus in your first house your attraction factor will be up a couple of notches.  Jupiter (good luck & expansion) and Uranus (rebellious & innovative) are both connecting in your house of true love as well.  Just remember you have responsibilities but enjoy the attention!

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21:

2011 begins with lots of planetary energy in your 2nd house of how you earn your money and what is of value to you…  The first New Moon (new beginnings & planting seeds of intention) of the year is also taking place in that same area of your chart.  In addition, all the planets are moving forward in January to support the actions taken this month.  Sounds like the energy is saying “GO” and make it happen!

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