September 2010 Forecast

September is when the Sun transits through the Earth element of Virgo and the Air element of Libra.  This month begins with Mercury still retrograde until September 12th.  It’s that time again to get the kids back in school and resume our more predictable schedules.  Mercury and the Sun are in Virgo so the duties and details of life may be taking up a lot of time.  This Mercury cycle will bring up issues regarding pets, co-workers, employment, health concerns, transportation, being of service, and communication.  Patience is the key word during a Mercury retrograde cycle.  I look at all the typical Mercury retrograde occurrences I’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve had plenty this cycle, and just smile knowing it’s all part of the plan!

This month the planets are giving us a little respite from the intense summer energy we’ve experienced.  Take a breather and get your bearings so when it’s time to get back in the fray of life you will have the energy to tackle all that is put before you.

Check out the following important dates to put on your calendar:

September 8th – Venus (love, money & beauty) enters the sign of Scorpio (intensity, power & control)

September 8th – New Moon in Virgo – A New Moon represents new beginnings and setting intentions for the coming months. This is also a time when you may need to let something go to make room for the new and improved coming into your life.  For Virgos, this is your one new moon of the year so you may want to set time aside to make a plan for the coming year. What do you want to see for the rest of 2010? Write it down and then take action during the coming months to make it happen. Signs most affected by this new moon will be Virgo, Pisces, Gemini & Sagittarius.

September 12th – Mercury (communication, contracts & transportation) moves direct in Virgo (modest, meticulous & practical)

September 13th –  Pluto (transformation) moves direct

September 14th –  Mars (passion, drive & energy) moves into Scorpio (intensity, power & control)

September 18th – Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise, separation & freedom) are together in Pisces.  Surprises should be on the agenda!

September 23rd – Sun enters Libra (beauty, diplomacy & relationships) representing the Fall Equinox.

September 23rd Full Moon in Aries.  A Full Moon represents energy releasing, letting go, ending and completing. A Full Moon can also mean a culmination of hard work which ends in celebration and maybe even moving into a totally unexpected direction. Signs most affected by this Full Moon will be Aries, Libra, Cancer & Capricorn.

Provided below are the horoscopes for each sign, if you know your Rising/Ascendant sign, read that sign, as well as your Sun sign.  To be clear, the Sun Sign forecast below is a generality.  If you want specific information based on your birth chart, I am available for readings to help you have the best possible year ahead.

Virgo August 23 – September 22:

Happy Birthday Virgo!!  The intense summer energy is waning and this month you should be able to take a breather and get your bearings.  Your planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde until September 12th.  This is a great time to get things done you’ve been putting off.  It’s also a good time to schedule an appointment to see your doctor and dentist.  Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise & freedom) and Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) will be moving back into your relationship sector on September 18th.  This may be a time when unexpected surprises involving your closest relationships occur.  Your one New Moon of the year will be on September 8th.  Make sure you set time aside that day to create, compose, and construct your intentions for the coming year!

Libra September 23 – October 23:

This month starts out with many planets in Libra including Mars (passion, drive, energy).  You are ready to go and make things happen.  Saturn (responsibility, limitation & discipline) in Libra is definitely testing you which makes this a time of decisions, lessons, and slow but sure progress.  Towards the end of the month Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise & freedom) and Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) will move into your work sector.  Things may get very busy and unexpected opportunities may pop up where you least expect them.

Scorpio October 24 – November 21:

Mercury is retrograde in the sector of your chart deals with your hopes and wishes.  This month you may open up a door that can possibly make a dream come true.  Pay attention because opportunities don’t always come as you would expect.  Romance may be on the agenda this month as well dear Scorpio.  Get out, mingle and socialize this month, you never know who you might meet.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21:

This month you may experience some unexpected events involving family and your home life.  The energy involves the planet Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) so it shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.  There just may be more activity involving your family this month.  It can also mean that a move can take place or even someone may be moving in with you.  However the energy reveals its self know that change is what makes this life so exciting.

Capricorn December 22 – January 19:

September should give you some time to breathe and clean up the summer chaos.  Mercury is retrograding through your house of legal issues, publishing, travel and spirituality.  This month may be a great time to take a weekend get-a-way.  If you are dealing with legal issues, scheduled court dates may be postponed so be patient.  This is a great month to go within and gain clarity of your life’s purpose and vision.

Aquarius January 20 – February 18:

Your planetary ruler Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise & freedom), will aspect Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) later this month.  That means the raise you’ve been looking for that you thought was impossible just may be possible this month.  With Mercury retrograding in your house of investments and joint finances, this is a good month to revisit these areas to make sure you are still on the right track financially.

Pisces February 19 – March 20:

This month you may be a little accident prone so be extra careful and pay attention when driving and walking.  Romance and past relationships are also a theme this month.  If you are single, are you doing the healing work within so you can attract the person you are searching for…  If you’re in a relationship are you working with your partner to keep the relationship alive…   This is a perfect month to answer those questions.

Aries March 21 – April 19:

Aries you should be feeling the strong planetary energy because it is hitting you at all angles.  September is a time to get off the ride for a minute and observe the new terrain that is being created.  Are you moving in a direction that will benefit you most …  If not, this would be a good time to make adjustments while Mercury is retrograde.  Once you have made your assessments you can start implementing your improved vision after September 12th.

Taurus April 20 – May 20:

The New Moon on September 8th will be in your house of romance and true love.  This will be a great opportunity to put out to the Universe, if you are single, what you are looking for in a partner.  You may be surprised how fast it can manifest with Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise & freedom) in your house of hopes and wishes.  If you are in a relationship this can be a good time to spend quality time together.

Gemini May 21 – June 21:

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is still retrograde until September 12th.  It’s in the sector of your chart dealing with home and family.  You may be dealing with home repairs and/or family duties and get-togethers.  Also, this month your work may receive an unexpected boost or change.  Be open and expect the unexpected.

Cancer June 22 – July 22:

Cancer you should get some well deserved rest this month.  The summer was filled with planetary activity that kept you on your toes.  With Mercury retrograde in your house of transportation and communication, you may want to make sure you take your car in for service and back up your computer.  This is also a month you may want to take a look at new business opportunities that you may want to pursue in the future.

Leo July 23 – August 22:

You will experience a New Moon September 8th in your house of earned income and values.  This means you may want to get clear about where you are focusing your energy and get rid of beliefs that may not be leading you down a successful path.  Also, Pluto (transformation) will begin moving direct on September 14th in your house of health and work.  Do you need to start a new health regimen?  Are you looking at changing your work environment?  Pluto is on a path to help you make the changes happen.  Are you fighting the urge…  Don’t, Pluto always wins.

If you have questions, comments or topics you would like me to address please write a comment below or send me an email at


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