June 2010 Forecast

June is when the Sun transits through the air element of Gemini and the water element of Cancer.  Again, this is a month of major planetary action!  It starts June 6th with Jupiter (truth, abundance, good luck) aspecting Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise).  This can mean sudden openings in areas of life that were thought to be closed (good or bad).  Next, Mars (passion) will leave its eight month journey through Leo (ego) into Virgo (being of service) on June 7th.  The summer solstice on June 21st will then herald in the Full Moon Eclipse on June 26th.  This eclipse is powered packed with the moon at 4 degrees Capricorn and Sun at 4 degrees Cancer.  The signs most affected will be Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries.  Not only will we be dealing with eclipse energy but also dealing with a grand cross of planets that include Pluto (transformation), Saturn (structure & limitation), Jupiter (truth & expansion), and Uranus (rebellion & surprise) as well!  A grand cross is planets that are in a square angle to each other and represents crisis and conflict.

The Universe is letting us know it’s time for big sweeping changes in our personal lives as well as in our nation (the United States is a Cancer sun sign).  We see it everywhere.  Do you think you are part of the problem or part of the solution….  What changes can you make in your everyday life to help create the shift in our world…  Being of service, spending quality time with family and friends, getting politically active, or buying less “stuff” that keeps you distracted and isolated are options to contemplate… In the summer months ahead, we are going to experience some monumental events.  Hold on because it’s going to be a ride of a generation!  Expect the unexpected (Uranus)!

Check out the following important dates to put on your calendar:

June 6th – 24th – Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries

June 7th –  Mars, the planet of passion and drive enters Virgo

June 10th – Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation enters its natural sign, Gemini

June 12th  – New Moon in Gemini. A New Moon represents seeds being planted, new beginnings and setting intentions for the coming months. For Gemini, this is your one new moon of the year so you may want to set time aside to make a plan for the coming year. What do you want to see for the rest of 2010? Write it down and then take action during the coming months to make it happen. Signs most affected by this new moon will be Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo & Pisces

June 14th – Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Leo

June 21st – Summer Solstice – Sun moves into the Sign of Cancer

June 26th – Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer.  A Full Moon Eclipse represents quantum energy releasing, letting go, ending and completing. A Full Moon Eclipse can also mean a karmic culmination of hard work which ends in celebration and maybe even moving into a totally unexpected direction. Signs most affected by this Full Moon will be Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, & Libra.

Provided below are the horoscopes for each sign, if you know your Rising/Ascendant sign, read that sign, as well as your Sun sign.  To be clear, the Sun Sign forecast below is a generality.  If you want specific information based on your birth chart, I am available for readings to help you have the best possible year ahead.

Gemini May 21 – June 21:

Happy Birthday Gemini!  An exciting day this month will be on June 6th.  Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, surprise & freedom) will be in a strong aspect in your house of your aspirations, wishes, and friendships.  You may hear some unexpected and interesting news from a friend or colleague.  Or that wish you’ve been hoping for may come true!  This month is the start of a power packed summer.  Your one New Moon of the year in Gemini will be on June 12th.  Make sure you set time aside that day to create, compose, and construct your intentions for the coming year!  The eclipse at the end of the month (June 26th) is going to be affecting your money houses.  Eclipse energy helps to create an opening for grand sweeping changes.  If you are aware, the energy can catapult you to a whole new place.  If you are in denial or in resistance of what needs to be changed, then you may experience feeling victimized.  You have the power!

Cancer June 22 – July 22:

Cancers should have their dukes up!  It’s time to put on your boxing gloves and go to battle.  It’s not a time to hide in your shell and become a victim.  The Universe is asking you to wake up and to be authentic with your life.  June 6th, Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, surprise & freedom) will be in a strong aspect in your house of career and reputation.  Along with the Full Moon Eclipse at the end of the month (June 26th), Cancers are in for big opportunities of change this month and into the summer.

Leo July 23 – August 22:

June 6th, Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, surprise & freedom) will be in a strong aspect in your house of higher learner, legal issues & travel.  Are you planning a trip out of the country, applying to colleges or dealing with legal issues?  This will be a time when these areas will be activated in your chart.  Position yourself now to receive the best result.  The Full Moon Eclipse at the end of the month (June 26th) will be in your house of health.  You may feel a little tired or drained.  Make sure you create some downtime that week so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

Virgo August 23 – September 22:

Mars (passion & drive) finally moves into Virgo, June 7th!  This will help to give you the energy you’ve been looking for.  With Saturn (responsibility & limitation) slipping back into Virgo until late July, you need all the help you can get to keep things moving.  An unexpected windfall, inheritance, or a loan coming through is a possibility, thanks to Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, surprise & freedom) strongly aspected in your eighth house.  You deserve some good news Virgo and I hope the week of June 6th you will hear some.

Libra September 23 – October 23:

Uranus (innovation, surprise & freedom) is now in Aries opposing Libra.  Lots of sparks are ready to fly and you may start to experience abrupt or unexpected separations.  It’s also activating your first house which represents your physical body.  Are you taking care of your health?  If not, it’s a time to check out what you’ve been putting off.  If you are not in a relationship, this can be a time when you can meet someone out of the blue.  If you are in a relationship, this may be a time when you are feeling you need a little freedom and adventure…

Scorpio October 24 – November 21:

Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) and Uranus (innovation, surprise & freedom) are activating your work and money houses on June 6th.  All that hard work you’ve been putting into your work will have an opportunity to show you some results this month.  It’s also activating your house of health so make sure all the excitement is not stressing you out.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21:

The Eclipse at the end of the month (June 26th) is activating your money houses and helping you to reevaluate the important things that really matter to you.  There are times in life that you need to release old patterns of behavior to make room for new and improved ones so you can live the authentic life you’re meant to live.  That time is now!  Also, the possibility of a new romance, winning a jackpot, or even a pregnancy is a possibility in the first couple of weeks this month.  Good Luck!

Capricorn December 22 – January 19:

This is a very pivotal month for all Capricorns but especially those with birthdays on December 24th – 28th because they are going to experience the Full Moon Eclipse the strongest on June 26th.  This is a very powerful eclipse because it is also completing a Grand Cardinal Cross (crisis & stress) in the sky involving Pluto (transformation), Uranus (surprise & separation) and Saturn (responsibility & limitation). The only preparation possible is to be aware of the events that reveal themselves two weeks prior to the eclipse and two weeks after the eclipse.  Then most importantly, don’t create distractions, excuses or reasons for not dealing with the circumstances revealed.

Aquarius January 20 – February 18:

Your planetary ruler, Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise & freedom), moved into fiery Aries last month.  You may feel that you want to break free from your predictable routine but there are still chains that bind you that need to be sorted through.  Start doing the work to unravel the chain so you can set off on your new journey free from restriction.  Also, the week of June 6th could be a good time to take a short weekend get-a-way.  You’ve been through some big changes the last couple of years between the eclipses (karmic opportunity & change) and Mars (passion & energy) draining your Sun sign for the last 7 months, you deserve a little rest and relaxation.  Just be careful on the road.

Pisces February 19 – March 20:

Saturn is now moving direct and on its way out of your opposite sign of Virgo on July 22nd.  Now is the time to start laying your foundation for success.  The week of June 6th will be great for networking and signing contracts.  The Full Moon Eclipse on June 26th is going to activate the romance sector of your chart.  Pay attention to who comes in or who leaves your life during this time.

Aries March 21 – April 19:

Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise, separation & freedom), moved into fiery Aries last month!  So, not only do you have to deal with Saturn making its way back to your opposite sign of Libra in July but this energy as well.  Aries with birthdays from March 20th – 23rd will feel the effects of Uranus and Saturn the most.  Uranus wants to revolutionize your life.  Saturn wants to keep the status quo.  Where are you stuck, where do you feel trapped?  These are areas that will be tested and you will have to make decisions about in the coming months.  The Full Moon Eclipse on June 26th will be very powerful for you, so make sure you pace yourself this month!

Taurus April 20 – May 20:

Uranus (innovation, rebellion, surprise, separation & freedom) moved into your twelfth house (unconscious mind, intuition, dreams, & secrets) last month and Jupiter (good luck, expansion & truth) will be joining the party on June 6th.   What jewel within you has been covered up beneath the surface?  The Universe is giving you an opportunity to rediscover your buried treasure within and revitalize your life.  Pay attention to your dreams and intuition now.  You may be surprised with the inspiration you receive!

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